Chrome Bright Film

About Bright Chrome

The Bright Chrome sheets we supply are a durable Bright Film laminated to a plastic substrate. The Fluorex® Bright Film is manufactured by AkzoNobel Specialty Coatings and laminated by the Positron Corporation. Fluorex® Bright Film has a chrome-like appearance and can also be thermoformed. It is an exterior grade film laminate "Fluorex® ISF2010" which is a fluoropolymer clearcoat on a 0.425mm thick ABS carrier. The colour coat (silver chrome) is 37 to 50 microns.

Positron have an outstanding plastic sheet lamination program, providing a quality of material unmatched by other plastic lamination companies. We specialise in laminating flat plastic sheets of ABS, HDPE, Acrylic, TPO, etc. with chrome foils, (paint films and printed foils are also available).

The Flourex Bright films have excellent weathering properties.

Chrome is widely used in the automotive industries for parts such as trims, bumpers and grilles. It is also popular in the sign making industry for eye catching designs and its ability to be backlit when laminated to a translucent substrate. It can also be supplied over-laminated with coloured tint and/or matt foils for striking results too.

Flourex Bright Properties

Flourex Bright Properties

To discover more about the Flourex Bright Film, its properties and performance visit the Akzo Nobel Specialty Coatings website, To learn more about Positron, thick sheet lamination, please visit the Positron website.


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