Chrome Availability

In the UK we regularly hold stock of Chrome on black ABS in the following sizes:

1500 x 1000 x 2mm

1500 x 914 x 3mm

1700 x 1000 x 2mm

1700 x 998 x 3mm

To purchase these sizes either contact us, or buy on-line at

Substrates are also regularly carried in stock in the U.S. Usually, the MOQ’s are very reasonable when applied to stock substrates (see below) but of course larger quantities are more efficient for shipping purposes.

Stock Substrates

The substrate sizes that Positron consider 'Stock' sizes, are as follows:

Stock Black ABS Available in nominal; 1.5mm, 2.0mm, 2.5mm 3.0mm and 4.5mm Sheets (mm); 305 x 305 (12”) 610 x 610 (24”) 915 x 915 (36”) 1220 x 1220 (48”)

Many other custom sizes and materials are also usually available that are not considered stock. Please do not hesitate to check availability with us.

Stock Foils

Chrome foils are available in two widths - 1190mm (47”) and 1448mm (57”)

Custom Substrates

Custom substrates (ABS, TPO etc) usually take around 3 weeks to manufacture and are subject to MOQs of 500kg (1,100 lbs/pounds).

Lead Times

Stock foils laminated to stock substrates 5-7 days ex-works (US)

Stock foils laminated to custom substrates (see below) 3-4 weeks ex-works (US)

  • Air freight – Allow 5 working days

  • Sea freight – Allow 2-5 weeks


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